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ESCO Emissions and Children’s Health

At a recent symposium on children’s environmental health, Philip J. Landrigan, professor and chairman of preventative medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC, outlined the challenges of protecting our children from the onslaught of diseases caused by the proliferation of toxic chemicals in the environment. Landigran said that there are 3,000 high-volume chemicals… Read more »

8/7/09 House Health Committee Workgroup Hearing Testimony

“Most of the cases [of pollutants chronicled in Late Lessons] involved costly impacts on both public health and the environment, two fields of science and policy-making that have become specialized and somewhat polarized during the last 100 years.   Individuals experience their health and their environment as one, interconnected reality. Science, regulatory appraisal and policy-making need to… Read more »


Many of you hit on the issue of the high levels of benzene (a class A carcinogen) in our gasoline as a probable cause for Oregon’s high ranking in the latest EPA report.  As was widely reported last week (well, except for in the Oregonian, but you can read about it in the USA Today)… Read more »

Portland’s Climate Action Plan

Riding the 15 bus downtown with my girls last Saturday, a sign caught my eye as we turned the corner at SW Salmon.  It was a standard lawn sign, like those used for political campaigns, and it was stuck in the ground outside the Lincoln HS track fence.  It read: Climate Change Town Hall, June… Read more »