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Senator Wyden’s bill threatens public health and the Clean Air Act

Back-to-school around my house creates a mix of excitement and dread. This year, thanks to a new bill co-authored by Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden, there will be another concern and source of anxiety beyond wondering if my kids have good teachers, will schools have the resources to meet the considerable challenges in today’s budget climate,… Read more »

A very harsh civic lesson: HB 2081, the trucker’s anti-idling bill

The Republicans have it figured out.  They understand that without a majority, with a simple tie in the legislation, they can prevail.  They do it by banding together behind a single ideology.  So the Democrats are now dividing to conquer, making strange bedfellows and alliances like Oregon Environmental Council and the Oregon Trucking Association, not… Read more »

False Choices

The first responders to The Oregonian coverage of Neighbors for Clean Air delivering air toxics petition to DEQ downtown yesterday, gave the usual doomsday speech of pollution reduction equals job destruction. This age old argument to protect the status quo just doesn’t stack up.  In “free market” America, companies shed jobs and move to other countries because of the economy, not environmental… Read more »

February Update

Lest you think your Air Quality Team has been slacking, time to fill you in on some of what is in the works.  I am going to focus most on where we are with ESCO, but I want to briefly address the Tank Farms.  Unfortunately, a robust process does take time, but I think we… Read more »

Neighbors for Clean Air + STAND for Children

I am excited to announce an important partnership in the effort to clean the air of toxic industrial emissions around our schools and neighborhood. The newly formed West-side chapter of Stand for Children ( has partnered with Neighbors for Clean Air, and will make protecting our children by advocating for Air Toxics reduction one of… Read more »