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What we can learn from the Permanent Glass Manufacturing Rule

In a region that lives under the threat of activity along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, we can’t take earth moving events lightly.  But this week, the ground moved.  This ground moving was not the buildings tumbling down kind, but more the biblical mountain moving kind.  Where the public’s faith, hard work, and persistence paid off… Read more »

PATSAC work concludes

Monday marked the final scheduled meeting of the Portland Air Toxics Solutions Advisory Committee.  I am feeling a little chagrined this morning, as my participation did not end how I would have hoped.

A citizen’s real right-to-know?

When people ask me about the seeming success of our work recently to reduce emissions from ESCO, I am reminded of some of the first advice I received from a DC consultant:  “Get a good lawyer.”  Of all the arcane knowledge I have had to master to navigate this work in advocating for less toxic… Read more »


Tentative Schedule for Final Resolution October 2011                  Ongoing communication toward GNA Terms Agreement between ESCO & Neighbors; DEQ issues draft of permit November 4th,  2011    GNA signed by all parties – or not November 2011              Public Forum January 2012                DEQ initiates permit renewal process February 2012               DEQ issues new Title V permit to ESCO… Read more »

Calling on Senator Merkley to defend the Clean Air Act

Watching the recent congressional attacks on the EPA’s work to protect the public and our planet from the devastation of toxic air pollution, it was heartening to see Oregon leaders stand up to the bullying and special interests. Specifically, Senator Merkley spoke on the floor against amendments that would undermine the effectiveness of the Clean… Read more »