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Short Term Air Toxics Benchmarks

On June 30th 2010, when the public comment period closed for the state’s decision on new air toxics benchmarks for mercury, manganese and lead, Neighbors for Clean Air delivered over 500 signatures demanding DEQ address short term spikes in toxic air emissions from regulated polluters. Air Quality administrator, Andy Ginsburg met Neighbors for Clean Air… Read more »

Why I support Rex Burkholder for Metro President

I think it would be a misrepresentation to call this an official endorsement, as if I was in a position to offer meaningful weight, so let’s stick with political musing.  I intend only to share my thoughts, and encourage all of you to choose your candidates wisely, vote with purpose, and to remind the candidates… Read more »

Health Care Committee to Form Air Quality Workgroup

Hello Friends, As I mentioned before, last week was a big week.  You are probably already aware, Representative Mitch Greenlick attended our Town Hall Meeting with DEQ in May.  He followed that up by meeting with Dick Pedersen, director of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  It seems that Rep. Greenlick shares our concerns about… Read more »