Workshop: Putting Environmental Justice in the Fight for Clean Air

Photo of MVD workshop attendees

Holly Wilson/EPA; Cheryl Grabben/ODEQ; Dan Brown/EPA; Marylou Soscia/EPA; John Wasiutynski/Mult Co; Mary Peveto/NCA; Sheryl Stohs/EPA; Donna Silverberg/DS Consulting; Nicholas Caleb/NCA; Shalini Gupta/Center for Earth, Energy & Democracy; Kristie Ellickson/ Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Akash Singh/NCA

On March 15, 2017 Neighbors for Clean Air partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to host a day-long workshop helping clean air partners  — community members, non-profit groups, and government agencies — work together to prioritize environmental justice in our clean air work, with a special focus on including the voices of those whose health is most directly and historically affected by dirty air.

You’ll find a Workshop Agenda here and we invite you to peruse some of the presentations from the day; we were honored with some very impressive thinkers on the topic!

In the near future we’ll be adding the US EPA’s report from the day, a “how to” document to guide clean air advocates, educators, administrators, and researchers as they work towards healthier air in Oregon. This report will serve as a supplement DEQ/OHA cleaner air Oregon technical workgroup report.

We will update this page as new information related to the workshop becomes available, so please check back!


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