Webinar for Women’s History Month: Women’s Role in the Fight for Environmental Justice

epa logoWe are pleased to let you know about this upcoming opportunity from the Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (EJ IWG) presents:

Webinar No. 8: Women’s History Month: Women’s Role in the Fight for Environmental Justice

Date: 03/22/2017
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific;

To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-history-month-womens-role-in-the-fight-for-environmental-justice-tickets-31463559353

In honor of Women’s History Month, the EJ IWG is focusing on the central role women have played in the environmental justice movement along with the challenges still facing them today. Since the inception of the EJ Movement in the US, women have played a critical role in advocating for overburdened and underserved communities. Women have led the way in organizing their communities, churches, and schools to improve public health and revitalize local neighborhoods. Given the essential contributions of women to the EJ movement, it is vital that environmental justice practitioners begin to articulate environmental inequalities that specifically impact women and develop interventions to effectively target women.

In this webinar, we will lift up pioneering women who helped establish environmental justice within the Environmental Protection Agency and provide a framework to begin to understand some of the challenges that are facing women in the context of environmental justice. The webinar will also highlight organizations that are carrying out projects aimed at providing resources, training, capacity building and other assistance to women. Additionally, the webinar will discuss the representation of women in environmental organizations that are making decisions that impact overburdened and underserved communities.

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Access & Awareness Webinar Series

Established by Executive Order 12898, the Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (EJ IWG) comprises 17 federal agencies and White House Offices that work together to guide, support and enhance environmental justice and community-based activities. Check out the EJ IWG Webpage for more information.

The EJ IWG is hosting the Access & Awareness Webinar Series to provide public with access to the working group and to increase community awareness of federal agency environmental justice strategies and holistic community-based solutions to address environmental justice issues. This series will help the public gain a deeper understanding of how federal agencies are collaborating and what resources are available to anyone interested in improving the health, quality-of-life, and economic opportunities in overburdened communities.


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